Brick and Mortar and Online Loans

Common Loans In life stuff happens, stuff like flat tires, sick animals, broken windows, and just making the bills. These things are often times unavoidable but can be resolved with a quick loan. When deciding to get a loan in the twenty-first century you have quite a few choices. There are multiple websites, and brick [...]

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What is your Jewelry Worth?

What is a Jewelry Appraisal?  A jewelry appraisal is basically documentation on how much a piece of jewelry is worth. In order to obtain this, you must go to a professional appraiser who has been trained and certified. In some cases, appraisal services are charged by the hour. However, there are pawnshops that offer free [...]

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How to Care for your Jewelry

In this blog, I have summarized the best ways to take care of your jewelry and make it last   Keep them AWAY from chemicals   Take off your jewelry whenever you are in a situation that involves chemicals in the air. Examples include when you are cleaning, or even getting ready and putting things [...]

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Doing the Right Thing in a Broken Engagement

Doing the Right Thing in a Broken Engagement Sometimes, life happens. Engagements break off. People part ways. Calling off a wedding is filled with more than just sorrow, hurt and confusion. Besides the emotional distress and probable heartbreak, both parties are left with questions... including the ever controversial question, “who keeps the ring?” We wish [...]

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Creative Ways to Organize your Jewelry

Creative Way to Organize your Jewelry Say goodbye to jewelry boxes and hello to personalized jewelry stands. Why keep your precious metals stored away in a box when you can display them on fun decor to spice up your room? The best thing about this method is the freedom of creativity. Express your personality through [...]

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What’s so great about pawn shops?

So, what's so great about pawn shops?   When you think of a pawn shop you might associate it with old and used jewelry. You might also assume that there is only items that people didn't want anymore. Or if you are like me, you think about Pawn Stars the TV show that had America [...]

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Why You Should Buy Gold & Silver Jewelry

So.... Why should you buy gold or silver jewelry?   Years ago, consumers highly valued of silver and gold. Within the last decade, people have begun to move away from buying items made of gold and silver. Instead, they opt for imitation materials made of lower quality or synthetic materials. So, we are left with [...]

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Why 2 Rings? Engagement vs. Wedding Rings

Getting engaged is exciting and brings joy to many. It also means a lot of planning is involved. Traditions play a big role in the planning. There are many things to figure out. One big decision involves how to propose and what you will propose with. What exactly is an engagement ring? Is there a [...]

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Get the most out of your Spring Cleaning

As Easter ends and May is about to begin, many people get inspired to do some spring cleaning before the summer begins. Historically, the origins of spring cleaning come from the tradition of Persian New Year. The Persian new year falls in the spring and therefore many people would “shake the house”, or do a [...]

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