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FAQ’s About BG Loan & Jewelry and General Pawn Quesiton’s

Question: What are your shop hours?
Answer:  M-F 10:00am- 5:00pm Sat. 10:00am-4:30pm

Question: How much does the loan cost? (fees and interest)
Answer: It’s all according to the California Financial Code..in other words, it depends on the loan you get.  The rates, interest, and other fees are based on the amount of each loan. Usually, these fees vary for the amount of each loan.  There is a ticket writing fee, storage fee, interest, there could be a lost ticket charge and there could be a notice charge.

Question: What form of identification is necessary for a loan?
Answer: Federal or State ID. A Matricula or Foreign Passport along with a bill of some sort, a paystub, a medical card or something else that is an official piece of mail with your name on it and your current address.

Question: What form of payments do you accept?
Answer: We accept Cash or ATM for loans.

Question: Can I pawn more than one item?
Answer: Yes as many as you want.

Question: Is BG Loan and Jewelry state licensed?
Answer: We are state & city licensed.

Question: Can I get prices over the phone?
Answer: It is very difficult to quote over the phone because of the different variables with gold, diamonds, jewelry & wrist watches.  Condition, age, etc.

Question: What do I need to make a loan?
Answer: You must have current state issued picture ID with an expiration date.  We also can use a matricula with a bill or medical, some sort of mail like that with your address.

Question: How does a pawn loan work?
Answer: You bring your item in we will appraise it for a loan and you decide if you want the loan.  There is no obligation.  If you want the loan we will then check out your item more in depth.  Then we’ll print out a contract & you sign it. It’s very easy. We will always try to get you what you need within reason.

Question: Why would someone go to a pawnbroker to get a loan?
Answer: It’s easy and quick.  You have cash in your hand.  We don’t give checks out.

Question: Should I pawn or sell?
Answer: We recommend that you get a loan.  If you sell it, it’s gone.  However, if you get a loan on it, you can get it back.  You can bring it back as many times as you want for another loan.

Question: Will I lose my merchandise?
Answer: At BG Loan and Jewelry there is never a reason to lose your item. You have to pay attention to your loan date and when it comes due.  At the end of the loan period, if you can’t afford to get your item out of pawn you can always come in and pay the interest & charges that are due. 

Question: How do you determine an item’s value?
Answer: We base it on a wholesale market.

Question: Are pawnshops regulated?
Answer: Absolutely! We are one of the most regulated businesses.  We are regulated by the federal government, state government & the local city governments.

Question: Are pawnshops stocked with stolen merchandise?
Answer: Pawnshops rarely receive stolen goods, only because you have to have proof positive ID.  In our shop we take a picture of the person & ID that they use to make the loan. Most criminals don’t want to deal with a legitimate business.

Question: Do you pay extra for designer gold jewelry? Can you please name a few brands that you pay more for?
Answer: Yes we do pay extra for some types of designer jewelry.  It just depends on the secondary market.

Question: How long have you been in business, and what is your background in the jewelry industry?
Answer: We have been in Bell Gardens since 1959. We have a gemologist on staff. We also were born and raised in the jewelry industry.  We are second generation jewelers & pawnbrokers.   With all our staff on hand we have over 150 years’ experience.

Question: Will you pay me today by cash or by check?
 Answer: We deal in cash.  You will get cash as soon as you make the loan.

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